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New & Used Vehicle Financing

We offer competitive financing packages for New and Used Vehicles to individuals and companies with speedy approvals and flexible terms.

heavy equipment
Heavy Equipment Financing

Massy Finance GFC Ltd offers competitive financing packages for the purchase of Trucks, Excavators, Lifts, Backhoe Loaders and other pieces of heavy equipment to satisfy your business needs.

Insurance Premium Financing

Insurance Premium is a convenient and cost-effective way of paying your premiums and the benefits include easier cashflow management with 12 affordable monthly installments, no Legal Fees and no assignment of assets as security.

Lease Financing

We offer competitive Finance Lease facilities with tax benefits that companies or self-employed persons can enjoy as the full monthly lease payment is treated as a business expense.

Personal Loans

Loans are available for many worthwhile purposes including debt consolidation, education, vacations and home repairs.

heavy equipment
Picture Perfect Loan

Massy Finance GFC Ltd is offering competitive financing to small and medium-size businesses with our improved 24hr turn-around time on applications.

Loan Deferral Programme
About Loan Deferral Programme DEAR VALUED CUSTOMERS Your wellbeing continues to be at the heart of everything we do. As this COVID -19 virus continues to affect our communities and daily lives evident by the high number of positive cases and deaths, we want to assure you that we are monitoring developments daily and taking [...]


Fixed Deposit

Massy Finance GFC Ltd offers Fixed Deposits at competitive rates designed for investors who are interested in investing over a longer term.

Foreign Exchange

Massy Finance GFC Ltd is a licensed Foreign Exchange Dealer regulated by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. We offer competitive rates for the purchase of United States dollars.

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Hassle Free
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Easy Approval
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100% Financing

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“Excellent communication. Kristus kept me updated every step of the way. This was the best loan experience I ever had.”


“Massy Finance has been a key financier of Autocenter for over twenty years, with their service levels remaining consistently exemplary throughout the period. They truly do understand the concept that if both parties prosper in a business relationship, it can then endure to the ultimate benefit of both”

Owner/Operator, Autocenter Car Rentals

“Now that is good public relations; your receptionist is so articulate and friendly. Great person to be in the front yes.”