Customer Advisory



For those financially impacted by COVID -19.


Supporting our Customers affected by COVID -19.

Massy Finance GFC is committed to working with our customers to help provide relief due to financial stress caused by COVID -19. We understand that many of our customers and their families continue to experience financial challenges, whether to make monthly loan payments or with cash flow.

Please be advised that our Loan Deferral Programme has been extended for a maximum of three (3) months, deferring payments that became due on July 1, 2020, August 1, 2020, and September 1, 2020. We anticipate that this extension will help our customers cash flows during this time.

The deadline to request deferrals during this period is August 15th.

Customers are reminded that while there are no penalties attached to the loan deferral:

  1. Interest continues to accrue for the period during which the loan(s) is/are deferred based on the principal balance outstanding as at the date of last payment.
  2. The amount of accrued interest will be reflected as part of the amount outstanding on the loan(s)
  3. You will be required to settle the accrued interest when the loan(s) become due for settlement.

Learn more about our Loan Deferral Programme here.

We thank you for your business and continued support as we work together to better serve you.

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