Service Credo

At Massy Finance GFC, the well-being of our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Team pledges to go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to:

  • Acknowledge and uphold the trust and confidence that each customer has placed in us.
  • Build mutually beneficial and longstanding relationships which focus on integrity, respect and genuine concern for our customers.
  • Create an environment where transactions are simplified and the customer feels welcomed and valued.
  • Deliver passionate and consistent service excellence, every single time.

Steps of Service

C – Create a positive first impression

A – Acquaint yourself with the customer’s needs

R – Recommend a meaningful solution

E – Establish a relationship

S – Show appreciation


Employee Promise

Learning and development opportunities are promoted

Opportunities for career development and to work with a strong, regional brand – Massy

Value all contributions, through respect for each other, listening to ideas and suggestions as a Massy Leader should

Ensure the work environment is healthy, safe and comfortable


Communicate effectively and utilise feedback to continuously improve

Always operate with integrity and fairness

Recognise & reward excellent performance

Encourage a work-life balance

Business Partner Promise


Consistently deliver on our promises


Conduct fair business practices and communicate openly and honestly


Unite to pursue service excellence


Engage partners with matching ideals – honesty, respect & trust


Maintain longstanding and mutually beneficial partnerships

Standards of Success

Honesty & Integrity

In all our operations, we will be transparent, honest, accountable and trustworthy. We will ensure that we are compliant with local and regional regulations. We will follow the Massy Code of Conduct.


We will continuously seek methods of improving the customers’ experience – through feedback, technology, processes, services, products and accessibility. We will be solution oriented in an environment where change and continuous improvement are embraced.

Love & Care

We will practise professional etiquette and greet the internal and external customer warmly, while smiling, identifying ourselves, using the customer’s name, making eye contact and actively listening. We will be empathetic and patient and thank the customer for choosing Massy Finance GFC.


We will be ambassadors for Massy Finance GFC and present ourselves in a professional manner at all times. We will be proactive, respect deadlines, complete tasks right the first time, take responsibility for our actions and be confidential with company and customer information.

Service Excellence

We will deliver a seamless and professional customer experience at every touch point. We will own feedback and find a resolution in an appropriate and timely manner. We will work together to never lose a customer.

Performance Excellence

We will take responsibility for our personal development and performance. We will be engaged, take initiative and be committed to achieving our goals. We will embrace feedback as an opportunity to learn, grow, continuously improve and build relationships to promote a culture of excellence.

Team Spirit

We will lead by example and promote a culture of trust, teamwork and participation in all activities. We will be considerate to others and work together to meet deadlines and achieve common objectives, while leveraging our strengths and sharing best practices.