About Insurance Premium Financing

Insurance Premium is a convenient and cost-effective way of paying your premiums and the benefits include easier cashflow management with 12 affordable monthly installments, no Legal Fees and no assignment of assets as security

MFGFC offers Financing to pay your Insurance Premiums. We pay the lumpsum premium allowing the client to repay us in manageable monthly installments

  • Term: For a period of 12 months
  • Financing is available for all types of insurance including building, home and automotive

*subject to normal lending criteria

Loan Application Processes

Here are the simple loan process steps for Insurance Premium Financing:

  1.  The customer requests or views information on accessing the loan facility either by calling, visiting a Massy Finance GFC Ltd Location or via the website and an application form can be completed online or at the branch with a Loan Officer.
  2. The customer will then submit the relevant documents to be verified.
  3. The loan application process is completed via an interview with the customer and the application form is signed.
  4. For retail applications, the process should take no more than 48 hours.
  5. If the loan is approved, the customer is informed and pays the deposit to the insurance company.
  6. The Loan Officer prepares the Premium Financing Agreement Form, which is signed by the customer to be taken to the insurance company.
  7. Closing documents are prepared and passed to the relevant department to ensure all policies were adhered to.
  8. The Loan Officer presents the cheque to the customer.


All Retail clients earn Massy Points on the interest portion of the installment paid on time.


  • Job Letter no more than 1 month old
  • Pay slip no more than 1 month old
  • 2 forms of valid picture ID
  • Proof for Address no more than 2 months old



  • Trader’s Registration Certificate
  • Completed Statement of Affairs
  • One year Bank Statement
  • Contracts if applicable
  • 2 forms of valid picture ID
  • Proof of Address no more than 2 months old



  • Company Profile/Details or Background of Operations
  • Company Registration Documents – For Limited Companies:
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Certificate of Continuance (if applicable)
    • Notice of Directors
    • Notice of Secretary
    • Notice of Address
    • Latest Annual Return filed by Company
    • Vat Registration Certificate
    • By-Laws (if no By-Laws provide a letter printed on the company’s letterhead stating same)
  • Valid ID’s
    • Two (2) forms of ID for each Director and Secretary or Sole Trading Partner
  • Completed Statement of Affairs for the Main Principal(s) of a Limited Company
  • Financial Accounts for last 3 fiscal years (Audited or Management)
  • Interm Financial Accounts for 6 months OR 6 months Bank Statements
    • (if 6 months from the Financial Year End has elapsed)
  • Business Plan



  • Up to date Aged listing of Receivables and Payables
  • Proof of Trade (for Contractors)
    • Copies of past significant contracts
    • Copies of Ongoing contracts
    • Listing of Expected contracts
      (All including contract dollar values, % completion, contract period)
  • Cash Flow Projections for the next 12 months