About the Picture Perfect Loan

Massy Finance GFC Ltd is offering competitive financing to small and medium-size businesses with our improved 24hr turn-around time on applications.

Loan Application Processes

  1. The customer requests or views information on accessing the loan facility either by calling, visiting a Massy Finance GFC Ltd Location or via the website and an application form can be completed online or at the branch with a Loan Officer.
  2. The customer will then submit the relevant documents to be verified.
  3. The loan application process is completed via an interview with the customer and the application form is signed.
  4. The financial and an other information is analyzed before a decision can be made.
  5. If the loan is approved, the customer is informed and the file is passed for the approval to register the equipment (if applicable) subject to receipt of down payment.
  6. After the equipment is registered, the Loan closing documents are prepared. The customer provides the All Risk machinery insurance to Loan Officer.
  7. The customer can then sign the Agreement and closing documents are looked over to ensure all policies were adhered to.
  8. The Loan Officer presents the cheque to the Dealer and the equipment is delivered


Loan Range

  • $150K minimum

Loan Products

  • Hire Purchase
  • Demand loans
  • Insurance Premium Financing


  • RRC (Cash)
  • Real Estate properly margined
  • Chattel Mortgage over the equipment, appropriately margined
  • Personal Guarantee(s)
  • Corporate Guarantee(s)
  • Assignment of Sale or Lease proceeds
  • Combinations of the above


  • Company to be in operations no less than three years
  • Debt Servicing above 1.00x:  using EBITDA method to measure debt servicing.
  • Adequate collateral in the form of cash, vehicles or real property appropriately margined, insurance premiums
  • Appropriate credit and judgement searches on all Companies and Directors
  • Existing clients: No delinquency and remaining tenor 12 months or less
  • Normal lending criteria apply.
  • All KYC and AML procedures apply.


*Please note that rates may vary depending on personal qualifications and market conditions.