About this Loan

Massy Finance GFC Ltd is offering competitive financing to our Massy Group staff.

Loan Application Processes

  1. The customer requests or views information on accessing the loan facility either by calling, visiting a Massy Finance GFC Ltd Location or via the website and an application form can be completed online or at the branch with a Loan Officer.
  2. The customer will then submit the relevant documents to be verified.
  3. The loan application process is completed via an interview with the customer and the application form is signed.
  4. The financial and an other information is analyzed before a decision can be made.
  5. If the loan is approved, the customer is informed and the file is passed for the approval to register the equipment (if applicable) subject to receipt of down payment.
  6. After the equipment is registered, the Loan closing documents are prepared. The customer provides the All Risk machinery insurance to Loan Officer.
  7. The customer can then sign the Agreement and closing documents are looked over to ensure all policies were adhered to.
  8. The Loan Officer presents the cheque to the Dealer and the equipment is delivered



  • 7.75% APR Unsecured loans
  • 7% APR Used/RORO  vehicles

Term subject to the age of the vehicle and not to exceed 8 years old. Therefore for a 5 year RORO vehicle, the loan would be over a 3 year term. The age of the vehicle would drive the tenor.

Maximum Tenor: 

Up to 60 months


  • Up to 5 times the employee’s basic salary
  • Minimum to be financed: $20,000. Maximum of $150,000. Any amounts in excess would be treated on a case by case basis.


For Employees with existing facilities; to qualify must borrow a minimum of 100% of their existing loan balance. For those employees who are not borrowing 100% of their existing loan balance the rate will revert to 8%.

Applicants must be a permanent employee of the Massy Group Company in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (i.e. confirmed employee not on probation) however loans may also be done jointly with spouse.

  • Minimum term of employment-2 years
  • Irrevocable Salary Deduction from the respective Massy Company
  • All credit requests are subject to standard due diligence and MFGFC”s normal credit criteria:
  • Maximum TDSR up to 45%
  • In the event that the employee leaves the employ of the Massy Company within the Group any outstanding is to be refinanced from a staff loan to a customer Instalments Credit Loan.
  • Admin fee applies


  • Submission of all KYC information; Job Letter, 2 forms of Identification, proof of address
  • Updated Job letter along with current salary slip
  • TransUnion report outlining satisfactory credit history